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Atelier de Christine

   Christine Chemin, her biography:

Christine Chemin was born in Ivory Coast, Africa, of French parents. She studied Industrial Engineering in the United States before settling permanently in Ecuador in 1990. From an early age, she feltw drawn to the visual arts: She would always be drawing, painting, or creating collages out of paper or cardboard. She took a camera with her everywhere she went, photographing landscapes, portraits and animals that attracted her attention. She developed a passion for portraying what her eyes saw and what her heart felt, through any medium that allowed for the free expression of her imagination.
In Christine's early paintings, in the late nineties and early part of this century, we see a clear influence of her African origins, both in the subjects and the colors she chooses. However, beginning in 2007, the artist discovers another theme that awakens her passion: horses.
She has shown her work both in Ecuador and in other countries, individually and in group exhibitions, presenting her horses in a stage-like setting, featuring special and amazing approaches.
She has expanded her horizon to all equine mammals, capturing the essence of not only horses, but also zebras and donkeys, in creative and innovative ways, with special attention to their eyes.
At the same time, given her penchant for exploring new territories, she also paints abstract works and portraits, always using mixed techniques, although predominantly acrylic on canvas. She is currently studying engraving and ceramics to expand her creative possibilities.


 Artist's Calendar/ Calendario 2013 

Apr/13: Equidae,Individual Exhibit, Casa de la Cultura; Quito, Ecuador
Apr/13: Publishing of the EQUIDAE Art book; Quito, Ecuador
Jun/13: Identities, Achala Group Exhibit, Frankston Arts Centre; Melbourne, Australia
Jun/13: Equidae, Individual Exhibit, Centro Cultural PetroPeru; Lima, Peru
Oct/13: Art is Life, Achala Group Exhibit; Berlin, Germany
Nov/13: Equidae, Individual Exhibit; Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


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Libro Equidae

 Publication: EQUIDAE

****** ART BOOK ******

El libro EQUIDAE de la pintora Christine Chemin es una propuesta artística-literaria, que además de recopilar 85 obras pictóricas de la artista, incluye textos de 54 escritores ecuatorianos que aportaron con comentarios, críticas, historias y poemas. Cada uno de los textos acompaña un cuadro, haciendo que el juego estético de la palabra y los trazos conforme una experiencia que deleitará los sentidos de quienes se sumerjan en la lectura y contemplación de este libro; en especial a todos los amantes del arte y de los équidos, quienes han transmitido su belleza, libertad y fidelidad a esta obra.

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Florence Biennale - Valentino's Eye

    Florence Biennale  -  2011:   

****** AWARD ******
From December 3rd to 11th, 2011, I participated in the Internacional Contempory Art Florence Biennale.
It is a major Art event with over 600 artists from more than 70 countries.
<-- Artwork that won 4th price in the painting category. Dimension: 270 cm x 180 cm, Technique: Acrilic on fabric

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